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Wood Fuel Pellet
Key Features

  • Low Ash

  • Low Moisture

  • 100% Wood

  • 8000-9000 BTU

  • 40 pound bag

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We have fuel available at our
Virginia, Michigan, and Florida plants.

Call 1-866-962-4686 or email for availability and pricing.

BIG HEAT FUEL PELLETS - Changing the Energy Climate one home at a time!


We are proud to produce and distribute wood fuel pellets throughout the United States and to be suppliers of clean renewable energy.  It is estimated that every Ton of wood fuel pellets replaces 120 Gallons of fuel oil. Pellet fuel is carbon neutral and will reduce green house gas emissions.

Using wood fuel pellets instead of heating oil can cut your heating costs by up to 40%!

Other Products:

Equustock is also the proud manufacturer of Guardian Horse Bedding pellets.  We go to great lengths to manufacture a bedding pellet that is truly different than our fuel pellet. Many manufacturers package their fuel pellet in an animal bedding bag. Unfortunately, what makes a good fuel pellet does not make a good bedding pellet and vice versa.

The Guardian pellet is manufactured to higher standards than other bedding. We should know, we make it!
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and a Founding Member of the Biomass Thermal Energy Council

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