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What is better, Hardwood or Softwood Pellets?


Many people believe that because hardwood was always burned in woodstoves and fireplaces that it must be better.  This isn't the case with fuel pellets.  A softwood pellet will produce more BTUs (10-20%) per pound than most hardwood species and create a lighter ash.  Newer stoves are manufactured to efficiently burn a variety of fuels by “dialing in” for greatest efficiency so check with your stove manufacturer for recommendations.

Whether hardwood or softwood; once pelletized, there is negligible difference in the benefits of one over the other. Your greatest concern should be to purchase the best quality wood pellet from an ash content perspective in your area. Refer to our latest test results for hardwood/softwood blend and softwood.

Our Big Heat Fuel pellet options  are softwood, hardwood, or a blend.  This is determined by the best resources in each region of the country. All of our pellets are produced of clean wood, no bark and consist of very low ash content and significant BTU.



What is considered a good pellet stove wood pellet?


A pellet that is 100% wood with no additives.  Bark will produce more ash and will not burn well in many stoves.  The best wood pellets produce the most heat with the least ash.  Be sure there is no unusual smell like glue or chemicals that could cause stove issues and reduce the efficiency of the pellet.



Do you cut down trees to make the pellets?


No. Our pellets are produced within our zero waste process and a critical part of our manufacturing program. This is something we are incredibly proud of as we participate in the effort to reduce landfill waste and supply a renewable energy source.


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